Trump Aide Escorted From WH For “Serious Financial Crimes” (Immediately Hired By Trump 2020 Campaign)

ABC News reports:

The bombshell firing of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson comes amid another shakeup in the West Wing involving President Donald Trump’s personal aide (his body man) John McEntee, who was escorted from the White House Monday, sources told ABC News. There were issues with his background clearance, according to the sources. McEntee is the latest original Trump campaign aide to depart the White House; he follows Communications Director Hope Hicks, who resigned recently.

Politico reports:

McEntee — known within the West Wing simply as Johnny — is leaving the White House and taking a position on Trump’s re-election campaign, the campaign announced Tuesday. McEntee will be based in Washington. The campaign also announced that Katrina Pierson, who served as a spokesperson for Trump in 2016 and remains a frequent Trump surrogate on cable news, will join the campaign as a senior adviser.