Tony Perkins: The Liberal Media Rehashes Trump’s Adultery Daily To Discourage Evangelicals From Voting

Just in from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

Although the liberal media won’t admit it, there’s a deliberate effort to try to discourage evangelicals from voting and being involved. That’s why we’re seeing an almost daily rehashing of Trump’s past. Americans can’t make it through a half-hour of cable news without hearing about the president’s behavior back in 2006. They can’t open a newspaper without another columnist shaming Christians for supporting Trump.

That’s by design. Liberals know that if they can shame evangelicals for supporting this president, they can suppress their enthusiasm. Their aim is to translate that into a decline of our record participation in 2016. If that decline happens — even a little bit — they can retake Congress. And they understand as well as we do that if Republicans lose either chamber, the president’s conservative agenda is as good as dead.

Over the past 14 months, Americans have watched this president do more than stop Obama’s extremism — they’ve seen him reverse it. We have a rare opportunity these next two years to continue profoundly changing this nation for the better. We can’t take for granted the elections that make that possible. The balance of the Supreme Court, the future of millions of unborn children, the security of our country, and defense of our freedoms hang on them. Don’t quit now, not when we’re finally starting to pave America’s way back to greatness.