Stormy Daniels, Twitter’s Troll Destroyer

The Washington Post reports:

Stormy Daniels on Twitter has the air of a very smart cat batting off a series of very dumb mice, who come at her under the delusion that the relationship is reversed. “Scank,” tweeted one man at her on Friday. He has 94 followers and a bio that lists him as “Soldier for the Constitution.” “The correct spelling is ‘skank,’ ” Daniels replied promptly. “Actually, ‘skanky whore,’ ” another mouse leaped in, attempting to aid his brethren in the attack. Daniels cheerfully wrote back: “. . . at least according to my business card.”

Reading her entire ouevre, her responses seem like they could have been crafted only by someone who has spent her life in a career that puts women in vulnerable positions: naked on stage, naked in front of a camera. Someone who has learned that angry men often can’t be shouted at because it will only make them angrier. (Nor can they be ignored, as that, too, will make them angrier.) Angry men have to be teased and purred at, in a self-deprecating way, even when the goal is to get them to leave.