State TV Poll: Massive Support For Stricter Gun Laws

Fox News reports:

Voters prioritize protecting citizens from gun violence over protecting the rights of gun owners. And while majorities support a variety of gun control proposals, the latest Fox News poll also finds doubt Congress will act — or that it would make any difference if it does.

By a 13-point margin, voters consider protecting against gun violence more important than protecting gun rights (53-40 percent).

In addition, there’s substantial support for specific measures to reduce gun violence, including: requiring criminal background checks on all gun buyers (91 percent), requiring mental health checks on all gun buyers (84 percent), raising the age to buy all guns to 21 (72 percent), putting armed guards in schools (69 percent), and banning assault rifles and semi-automatic weapons (60 percent).

The proposal a majority rejects is allowing teachers and school officials to carry guns on school grounds (57 percent oppose). That was also the case in 2013 (52 percent opposed.)