SPIN HARDER: Rep. Paul Ryan Shrugs Off Conor Lamb’s Result Because He’s An “Anti-Pelosi Conservative”

According to House Speaker Paul Ryan, conservatives actually won in Pennsylvania yesterday because Conor Lamb is one of them.

CNN reports:

Speaking to reporters at the weekly Republican leadership news conference Wednesday, Ryan defined Democrat Conor Lamb as a “pro-life, pro-gun, anti-Nancy Pelosi conservative” and noted that there wasn’t a Democratic primary that would have pulled Lamb to the left.

While the Wisconsin Republican argued Republicans need to focus on their legislative track record in Congress and avoid being outraised, he still said he doubts this will become a trend in Republican-leaning districts because there wasn’t a primary.

“I think the President helped close this race,” he said, a reference to the campaigning Trump did in the district over the previous weekend. “I think you saw the public polling. The public polling wasn’t looking so good and the President came in and helped close this race and got it to where it is right now, which is within a few hundred votes.”