Scamvangelist Lori Bakker: Liberals Really Want To Lock Up All Christians In “Mental Illness Centers” [VIDEO]

After comedian Joy Behar mocked Mike Pence for claiming that God directly speaks to him, Jim Bakker’s wife Lori has decided that liberals want to throw all Christians in the loony bin.

Kyle Mantyla has the quote at Right Wing Watch:

“If the world is thinking that we’re all mentally ill, do you know what’s going to happen next? They are going to put us all away in mental illness centers. You know what they used to do with women that went through menopause back years ago? They put them in insane asylums because their hormonal balance was completely off. I’m not kidding, that is what they did. And I’m not kidding, that is what is going to happen to us as Christians. They are going to lock us up and throw us out if we don’t stand up.”