Sam Nunberg: I’m Going To Lay Low For Awhile

Yahoo News reports:

We in the media might not have Sam Nunberg to kick around anymore. Then again, who knows for sure? Late Thursday evening, hours before he appeared before a grand jury hearing as part of Mueller’s probe of Russian meddling in the 2016 election, the former campaign aide to President Trump called Yahoo News unprompted to give what he said would be his “final interview” about a wild week that saw him dominate the headlines with a series of media appearances that led some observers to question his sanity and sobriety.

Nunberg said he would “lay low” following his testimony. “I am not giving any comments. I am not describing the grand jury. I am not going around doing interviews,” Nunberg said of his plans. When Nunberg walked into the grand jury room on Friday morning, he did not answer questions from reporters gathered at the courthouse. Still, there’s ample reason to doubt Nunberg’s vow of silence. He spent virtually all of Monday talking to reporters and making a slew of contradictory statements.

Nunberg also claims he’s getting a “burner phone” so the media can’t call him. Uh huh.