Rush Limbaugh Suggests Georgia Teacher Is “Radical Leftist” Planted To Stop Movement To Arm Teachers

Media Matters has the transcript of today’s show:

So we have a teacher barricaded in a classroom with no students. No children. No students anywhere around. And starts firing some shots. Barricaded in the classroom. And then here comes some cops and nab the guy is in custody and we got a breaking new stories: “Teacher in Custody After Georgia Police Respond to Report of Shots Fired.”

What are you thinking? When you heard me say this, folks, what were you thinking? What was running through your mind when you heard this? Come on. Be honest. Oh, of course this will be the argument we use for not arming teachers, but what if the whole thing’s a setup to create that very — what if the teacher is a radical leftist and does this to give the drive-bys a news story that they can then point to. “See, we can’t arm teachers.”