Roseanne Barr: Trump Has Freed Hundreds Of Children Each Month From Pimps And Sex Trafficking Rings

Mediaite reports:

On the day that Roseanne Barr found out that ABC had greenlit the revival of her iconic sitcom for a second season following its blockbuster debut, she decided to publicly dip her toe back into the conspiratorial waters that have already haunted her show’s revival.

We already know about her penchant for calling folks “Nazi” on Twitter — and that she even dressed up as Hitler for a photo shoot some years back — but did you know that she also seems to be a believer in an absolutely unhinged conspiracy?

Well, if you didn’t, Barr made sure you knew it last night. As you can see in the tweet above, the comedian claims that the president has “freed so many children held in bondage to pimps” and “broken up trafficking rings in high places everywhere.”

From the Hollywood Reporter:

The actress’s recent tweets in support of Trump are not the first time Barr has made peculiar statements.

Last November, the Roseanne star confused fans after tweeting about the conspiracy theory “QAnon,” which alleges Satanism and sex-trafficking by Trump’s opponents. “Tell Qanon to DM me in the next 24 hours,” the actress wrote, as she continued to showcase her support for the president.

Barr’s recent Trump-centered tweets come just days after The New York Times first reported that Trump called Barr and they spoke about the “huge” ratings the first episode of the revived Roseanne picked up on Tuesday. The ABC comedy averaged a massive 18.1 million viewers and a 5.1 rating in the key demo.

I haven’t reported much about this QAnon batshittery except for a few posts about nutjob proponent Liz Crokin, who claims that demons often give her dog bloody diarrhea when she has another “breakthrough” in exposing Hollywood’s ring of Satanic cannibalistic child sex traffickers. But here’s a Daily Beast primer on the what it’s supposed to be about.