REPORT: Trump Twice Offered Stormy A Free Condo

The Daily Beast reports:

Stormy Daniels turned on the speakerphone when President Trump called. So says Keith Munyan, one of the four people Stormy Daniels included in the nondisclosure agreement she signed with Donald Trump’s lawyer. Munyan confirmed critical elements of the alleged romantic tryst between the porn star and the future president, and added new details to a tawdry saga that has rocked the White House.

“He would call all the time. That man can talk about nothing for hours,” Munyan told The Daily Beast in a phone call Monday. Back in 2006, Trump was only a tabloid character turned reality TV star—and on these calls, he allegedly offered Daniels keys to a New York condo. When she declined, Trump proposed she move into his unfinished Trump Tower in Tampa, Florida. Munyan said Trump also promised Daniels — who is suing him to quash a “hush agreement” over their alleged affair — a spot on The Apprentice.