Putin On Russian Meddling In US Election: “So What?”

Newsweek reports:

Vladimir Putin discussed the indictment filed by special counsel Robert Mueller last month as part of an exclusive interview to NBC’s Megyn Kelly aired on Friday night under the title “Confronting Putin,” which touched on several topics including the ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the U.S. election.

The Russian presidential office published a transcript of the full interview on its official website on Saturday morning, specifying the conversation took place in two seatings, in the Kremlin on March 1 and in Kaliningrad on March 2. Putin said “So What?” nine times throughout the interview, all in relation to the allegations.

“So what if they’re Russians?” Putin said. “There are 146 million Russians. So what? I don’t care,” he continued, adding “They do not represent the interests of the Russian state.”

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