Perkins: Intolerant Gays Are Ruining Country Music

Via press release from Tony Perkins:

Through all of the cultural ups and downs, country music has always been a place conservatives felt welcome. While so many other celebrities started picking up activist causes and shaming fans who held Christian beliefs, American could always count on Nashville to stay true to their values (or at least tolerate them). Not anymore.

Yesterday, in a letter that rocked the country music scene, Governor Mike Huckabee announced that he was leaving his seat on the board of the Country Music Association (CMA) Foundation — a position he’d occupied for less than 24 hours.

Despite an impressive background in music and his record on education (the sole issue of the CMAF), Mike became the instant target of a vicious anti-faith attack. A small but vocal pocket of Nashville’s music industry seized on his involvement with a vengeance, demanding that Huckabee go — or their support of the foundation would.

Jason Owen and his husband — both LGBT activists whose Monument Records and Sandbox Entertainment represents some of the genre’s biggest stars — called the selection of Huckabee a “grossly offensive decision.

Owen, who counts Midland, Little Big Town, Kacey Musgraves, Dan + Shay, Faith Hill, and others among his clients, claimed Huckabee’s involvement would harm the very kids the foundation was created to help. “Not to mention,” Owen went on, “how harmful and damaging his deep involvement with the NRA is. What a shameful choice.”

Like so many phony advocates of tolerance, these agents claim they’re battling for “inclusion” while demanding the exclusion of anyone with a different view. Are the artists going to stand by Monumental Records’ attack on the vast majority of Americans who listen to and buy their songs? Reach out to @DanAndShay, @FaithHill, @KaceyMusgraves, @littlebigtown, @MidlandOfficial, @SethEnnis, @zdevin, and @JohnOates and ask.