Pay-To-Pee App To Launch For NYC Restaurants

The New York Post reports:

Luluapp — a mobile app that, for a fee, promises to direct tourists and other assorted weak bladders to the nearest available bathroom — says it has already signed up more than 100 New York restaurants and bars ahead of its summer launch.

“Instead of paying a lot of money for a Facebook or Yelp ad, we let restaurants promote a free drink or discount to our users” after they use the facilities, Luluapp CEO Paolo Cogliati told The Post.

Luluapp generates a digital “bathroom pass” charging anywhere from 99 cents to duck into a pizza dive to $5 for a swanky bathroom that offers lotions, super-private stalls and high-end hand towels. The restaurants get 65 percent of the fee. “Restaurants do want to hear our pitch because it’s just so weird,” Cogliati says.