Pastor John Hagee: Atheists Killed Jesus [VIDEO]

Pastor John Hagee, who is perhaps most infamous for declaring that God sent Hurricane Katrina to punish America for homosexuality and for claiming that God sent Hitler to enable the creation of Israel, turned a few heads today with a fresh take the alleged crucifixion of Jesus.

“Up the bloody slopes of Calvary, Jesus Christ went where atheistic hands nailed the precious Son of God to the cross. Friday, April 3rd, 33 A.D., at 3 o’clock, Jesus Christ – the Son of God – bowed His blood-soaked head adorned with crowns and shouted in agony, ‘It is finished!'”

You may recall that Hagee previously declared that atheism is “stupid” because atheists have never faith-healed anybody, that all atheists should “get out” of the United States, and that Sodom and Gomorrah was only a “pilot study” for God’s ultimate plan to lovingly murder the fuck out of every homosexual.

More recently, Hagee warned that God would punish any Christian who “betrays Israel” by voting for that godless communist Hillary Clinton.