MANHATTAN: Junior Escapes Jury Duty [VIDEO]

TMZ reports:

Donald Trump Jr. is “one and done” when it comes to his civic duty, and looks pretty damn happy about it. We got Trump Jr. outside the Manhattan criminal courthouse where he reported Wednesday morning for jury duty. The President’s son was actually selected as a potential juror in an attempted robbery case, but obviously didn’t make the cut. On his way out, he looked as thrilled as most Americans are when they get released from jury duty.

The New York Post reports:

“He was pretty basic looking. He was called in with the other 80 people,” one juror told The Post. “The lady called his name twice and he was hesitant to say ‘here.’ You could hear it in his voice.” ​Wearing a gray sweater and khakis, ​Trump Jr. took photos with jurors and shook their hands in the jury room on the 15th floor, another juror said. He also kept busy on Twitter, retweeting posts about his father, including one of a story saying Trump was more popular than Obama.

VIDEO: TMZ egged Junior into firing out a veiled dig about Oprah’s “God” comment as he left courthouse.