Laura Ingraham Ridicules Student Activists: Who Needs Homework When You Can Get Credit For Screaming?

“You’ve got to hand to them, really. Leftists do know how to organize and protest. Students took part by the thousands. Who needs homework and history when you can get credit for screaming? Look, you’ve heard of like ‘Take Your Child to Work Day,’ well for the anti-Trump, anti-2nd Amendment crowd, this was ‘Make Your Student Protest Day.’

“There’s nothing worse than people who use their kids to advance a political agenda, like the many school districts, teachers, administrators, and local politicians supported this walk-out. Oh my goodness, so much for honoring the victims. This was nothing but a left-wing anti-Trump diatribe. You peel it all back. And it could have been written by anyone at” – Laura Ingraham, speaking on State TV.