Kim Davis: The Media Unfairly Paints Me As A Terrible Person, But I Actually Love Those Sinful Homosexuals

Kim Davis is flogging her book to the Christian Post:

“The only mean or negative thing I ever said to a same-sex couple who wanted a marriage license was ‘No,'” Davis told The Christian Post. “Instantly, the mainstream media painted an unfair picture of me as a terrible person — and most of the time, they didn’t even talk to me.”

Once upon a time, she said, she wasn’t a “very nice person,” living an “ungodly life” that contradicted the faith she now professes. Thankfully, she said, God redeemed her story — and used her past mistakes to bring glory to Himself.

“I love the homosexuals,” she said. “I hate their sin, but I love that person. I can separate the two. I can love the soul and hate the sin. That’s what God says we are to do. I simply couldn’t compromise on my beliefs.”

As our friend Hemant Mehta noted in his review at the Friendly Atheist, Davis’s book is full of laughable lies, including that Pope Francis asked to meet with her (he didn’t) and that he endorsed her stand (he didn’t). Davis also claims that she hears the voice of God. As in, out loud, calling her by name. For real.