Jim Carrey Posts Stormy Portrait Of Glorious Leader

USA Today reports:

Consider yourself warned: Once you see comedian Jim Carrey’s newest painting, you will never, ever be able to unsee it. The 56-year-old comedian, who’s been sharing the products of a week-long art-bender on Twitter, returned Friday with two more: Fifty Shades of Decay, which shows President Trump in flagrante delicto.

It was likely inspired by the lawsuits brought by Trump’s former alleged paramours, porn star Stormy Daniels and former Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal. Both are now seeking to nullify the non-disclosure agreements they signed about the alleged affairs.

Carrey has also posted his portrait of “Self-Unmade Man” Jared Kushner. His earlier portrait of Sarah Huckabee Sanders continues to draw screams of “anti-Christian bigotry” from the usual dark, dank corners of the web.