Ingraham Announces “Vacation” As Advertisers Flee

CBS News reports:

Fox News’ Laura Ingraham announced Friday she would be taking a vacation the next week to celebrate Easter with her family as advertisers have dropped her show after she criticized a Parkland school shooting survivor. Her supporters have launched the hashtag #IStandWithLaura.

In April 2017, embroiled in an advertiser boycott, Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly announced he would be taking vacation for Easter. He was later fired by the network. Fox News, which has not offered a statement, has faced a number of ad boycotts in recent years.

After Sean Hannity supported Alabama judge Roy Moore in his campaign for the U.S. senate, five companies removed their ads, including Keurig. Hannity fans then launched a boycott of Keurig posting videos of themselves destroying their coffee makers on social media.