InfoWars Loon Challenges Robert Mueller To Fistfight

Jared Holt reports at Right Wing Watch:

Jerome Corsi, Washington bureau chief for the conspiracy theory outlet Infowars, said today that he wants to take Special Counsel Robert Mueller behind the Department of Justice and fight him. “I’m fed up with this. I want to say to Mueller, ‘Let’s go out in the backyard of the Justice Department. You’ve got to have some—let’s duke it out. I mean, you want to behave like a thug? You want to behave like that? Well, this is what you deserve. Let’s duke it out. You’re finished. You’re a hack. The whole investigation is a criminal set-up,’” Corsi said.

Watch the clip, if you can bear it, and you’ll see this is about the deep state something something FBI lizard people chemtrails something something. Corsi, you may recall was World Net Daily‘s leading racist birther.