Homocon Milo Yiannopoulos Shutters Charity For White Men Amid Questions About Where The Money Went

Homocon Milo Yiannopoulos, who once earned daily headlines as the web’s most infamous troll, was recently reduced to pitching Strawberry Caveman True Paleo Formula shakes on InfoWars. Now he’s shuttering his college scholarship charity for white men without evidence that any scholarships were ever awarded or where the money actually went.

NBC News reports:

After two years and multiple scandals that include allegations from former employees of mismanagement, the most basic details of the $100,000 Privilege Grant Foundation fund — its donations, disbursements, and scholarship winners — remain a mystery.

Its failure is just the most recent in a string of setbacks that have derailed the self-styled provocateur, who was one of the earliest and most notorious figures inside the so-called alt-right conservative movement. “At present, the Privilege Grant is not accepting new applications or donations,” Yiannopoulos said in a statement sent by texts to NBC News.

“What started as a social experiment that also did some good — winding up social justice warriors while also sending poor kids to college — became fodder for disingenuous, mouth-breathing retards in the press to baselessly accuse me of ‘white nationalism.’ As a gay man happily married to an African-American, I got tired of explaining to my husband why people on the TV kept calling me a racist,” Yiannopoulos wrote.

Yeah. You’ll want to read NBC’s full report.