Hannity Boasts Of His “100% British” Racial Purity

In his latest attack on Elizabeth Warren, Sean Hannity decided to let the listeners of his SiriusXM radio show know that he is 100% British. Nope, there’s not a lick of dirty non-white blood in the Hannity clan.

“Why wouldn’t Elizabeth Warren get one of those Ancestry tests? Ancestry was an advertiser on this program for a period of time. I actually had the test. And it’s pretty cool. I mean, if you want to find out what your heritage is, what your background is. In my case, it came back, it was something I thought I already knew but you don’t always know, 100 percent Irish or 100 percent British Isles is how they defined it. And I think those tests are amazing because, you know, maybe I’m this, maybe I had that relative, this relative. It’s kind of cool. They were shocked because very few people come back 100 percent like I did, that apparently is not normal.”