Frontman For Band At Bataclan Massacre Rips Parkland Students, Calls Emma “The Awful Face Of Treason”

The Eagles Of Death Metal are the American band that was onstage in November 2015 as terrorists opened fired at Paris’ Bataclan Theater, killing 89 people.

Spin Magazine reports:

Jesse Hughes, the frontman for Eagles of Death Metal, took to Instagram on Sunday for a lengthy, impassioned decrying Saturday’s March For Our Lives protests as well as the Parkland teens at the center of the movement.

Veering wildly from angry sarcasm to vitriolic attacks at the Parkland survivors, Hughes’s post seems to be little more than rage at a movement that counters his own beliefs in gun ownership.

In the post, Hughes accused the Parkland teens, particularly Emma Gonzalez, of using their classmates’ deaths for “a few Facebook likes and some media attention” and “playing hooky at the expense of 16 of your classmates blood.”

The Music reports:

There were a total of five posts added to the account, including one aimed at Stoneman Douglas High School student Emma Gonzalez, who has become the face of the March For Our Lives movement.

The post depicted Gonzalez tearing a copy of the US Constitution, which Hughes admitted had been a photoshopped, while writing “Behold… The awful face of treason… Survivor of nothing… Lover of treason… Enjoy your little moment… It’s about to end…” while tagging the post with hashtags like #stupidity, #hatersofliberty and #2ndamendment.

Hughes has deleted all but two of the five posts, including a drawing of a pill bottle labelled “Pills That Are Hard To Swallow” and a hand holding three pills, with arrows pointing to them and saying “Our guns aren’t going anywhere”, “There are only 2 genders”, and “Donald Trump will be your president for 7 more years.”

New Music Express reports:

Contrariness has been Jesse Hughes’ stock-in-trade since he formed Eagles of Death Metal with Josh Homme back in 1998. He’s the ordained pastor that loves super-strength speed, the unabashed right-winger that revels in cutting swathes through the typically liberal, left-wing world of entertainment.

Pre-Bataclan, he told the now-defunct website, for instance, that it’s “sexist” for women to be Hollywood action heroes. I was once backstage at European music festival and overheard him explain that the movie ET is an allegory about a paedophile.