ALL IN THE FAMILY: Nazi Busted For Assaulting His Wife And Father-In-Law Over Affair With His Mother-In-Law

The Chicago Tribune reports:

White nationalist Matthew Heimbach in 2016 made headlines for his organization’s racial hostility and for shoving a protester at a Trump rally in 2016. On Tuesday, it was his personal life that made the news after Heimbach was charged with assaulting his wife and his wife’s stepfather, Matt Parrott, who is also the co-founder of Heimbach’s Traditionalist Worker Party. The organization is described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a new white nationalist group masking itself in “traditionalism.”

About 1 a.m. Tuesday morning, Parrott, 36, called police from a Walmart in Paoli, Indiana, according to a police report obtained by the SPLC. Parrott told police he had fled to the Walmart with his stepdaughter after a confrontation with Heimbach, who had allegedly been involved in an affair with Parrott’s wife. The stepdaughter told police that the affair had lasted three months but had recently ended.

But that night, according to the police report, Parrott caught Heimbach with his wife. He confronted Heimbach and told him to get off his property, but Heimbach wouldn’t leave. Parrott poked his chest, then Heimbach allegedly grabbed Parrott’s hand and twisted it down. Heimbach got behind Parrott and “choked him out” with his arm, according to the police report.

From the SPLC’s Hatewatch:

After the arrest, Parrott announced he was walking away from the group. “I’m done. I’m out,” Parrott told The Southern Poverty Law Center on Tuesday. “SPLC has won. Matt Parrott is out of the game. Y’all have a nice life.” Parrott declined to comment further on Heimbach’s arrest or his resignation. His resignation came hours after the arrest and just days after he learned of the affair between Heimbach and his wife.

The step-daughter and Parrott’s wife tried to set up Heimbach to see if he would continue the affair after saying it was over, police said in a report. During the set up at Parrott’s Paoli trailer home, Matthew Parrott and his step-daughter waited outside, standing on a box and watching through a window, police said. In the report, all four people involved in the incident recorded their occupations as “White Nationalist.”

Meanwhile over at Right Wing Watch, Jared Holt reports that Heimbach is publicly battling fellow neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin, whom he claims caused the cancellation of his web show. There’s much more at the RWW link.