Christian Activist: Evangelicals Will Still Support Trump Because At Least He’s Not Raping Or Molesting [AUDIO]

“Obviously, we as Christians hold biblical values high, we believe in sexual purity, moral faithfulness, we’re against adultery and all the rest of that. So listen carefully here, the strategy is to bring up these events that all involve sexual sins, allegedly, because they know — the people, the strategists behind the scenes — they know that this will upset a significant percentage of evangelical Christian voters and their goal is to turn Donald Trump’s primary supporters, which have been the evangelical Christian voters, against him by bringing up these sexual, moral scandals.

“Let’s say in a worst-case scenario it IS true [Stormy and the Playboy bunny]. If he did that, he’s guilty of sin, a serious violation of God’s commandments. I’m not negating that. What I’m saying is, if you read your bible from Genesis to Revelations, God has always used pagan ungodly leaders of nations to deliver God’s people. So what do you do? You make a decision on his personal sin? Which by the way doesn’t involve didn’t involve him raping or molesting.” – Evangelist Paul McQuire, speaking on his radio show.

McQuire goes on declare that Trump’s accusers are “occult globalist elites” who want want to turn America into an “anti-Christian totalitarian state.” He last appeared on JMG in December when he called on Trump to declare a “national day of repentance” so God doesn’t lovingly murder the fuck out of every American.

(Via Right Wing Watch)