Cher Apologizes For Selfie With Australian PM

Australia’s News Corp affiliate reports:

If only Cher could turn back time. The international pop star has issued a stunning online apology for appearing in a controversial photo with the Prime Minister at Mardi Gras on Saturday.

Malcolm Turnbull can be seen widely grinning in a picture with the American singer, who dazzled thousands of spectators by walking out into Taylor Square in the middle of the festivities this weekend before her performance.

However, some commenters on the selfie said the Prime Minister was to blame for the “harmful” same-sex marriage postal survey process — which they claim placed unwanted scrutiny on the LGBTQI community.

Commenters quickly responded to say that she had no need to be sorry. “You’re totally forgiven Ms Cher. You’re a good person & a fantastic ally. I don’t expect you to be all up with Aussie domestic politics,” said one commenter.