CHATTER AWAY: Overnight Open Thread

As most of you here at this hour know, for years the final JMG post of the day has turned into an overnight salon (to use the 16th century definition of the word), during which our flying monkeys fold their wings and chatter about every imaginable topic, both political and highly personal.

And over the years I’ve gotten regular requests to launch a nightly post like this one, usually from frustrated readers who were interested in discussing the actual topic of that final post, only to have to wade through hundreds (and on rare occasions, thousands) of unrelated comments.

Previously I’d resisted doing so, mostly for the practical reason that I never fucking know which post will turn out to be the day’s last, especially in this era of endless Trump-related nonsense. (On most days the first JMG post goes up around 7:30AM and the final one usually lands around 6:30PM.)

Anyway, as our overnight salon has gotten even chattier in recent months, I’ve now been convinced by a couple of longtime JMG-ers that the easiest solution is to simply time this open thread to go up nightly at 8PM and then bump it back to the top if something “breaking” happens after that.

Have at it.