WH Promotes Column On Trump’s “Moral Failures”

Last night the White House tweeted out a promotion of Tony Perkins’ latest “mulligan” column in which he again declares that evangelicals don’t care about Trump’s history of “moral failures” because he’s keeping his promise to attack all the people they hate.

An excerpt from USA Today:

I’ve heard the allegations about Donald Trump’s past moral failures. I don’t pretend to know what’s true and what isn’t. But there is a truth I do know: Faith in Jesus Christ calls us to live with moral clarity. And that means calling sin — sin.

I did not before the election — and I will not now — excuse immoral behavior. Such conduct is unacceptable. But Americans can only hold the president accountable for what he does in office. We can’t change the past.

However, this support is conditional. If he were to revert to past behavior or fail to keep his promises, support would rapidly diminish. But that hasn’t happened. Nothing has changed since the election, so why should our support change? Evangelicals are not offering blind allegiance. They are offering reasoned support for a leader who is keeping his promises.