US House Votes To Gut Landmark Disabilities Act

The Hill reports:

The House passed legislation on Thursday that would create additional requirements for filing lawsuits under the Americans with Disabilities Act alleging that businesses aren’t providing adequate accommodations as mandated by the law. It passed 225-192 largely along party lines despite fierce opposition from disability rights advocates, who staged protests in the House chamber during the vote. Capitol Police escorted protesters out of the visitors’ gallery, many of whom were in wheelchairs and chanted “hands off ADA!”

The ACLU reacts:

Today’s vote was a defeat for civil rights. This attempt to undermine the Americans with Disabilities Act is a damaging, unnecessary, and ill-conceived effort that should have been rejected by members of the House and should be dead on arrival in the Senate. The disability community should not have to fight through bureaucratic red tape to enjoy basic liberties that others freely enjoy. This legislation further marginalizes one of the most excluded communities in society. The ACLU will continue to fight alongside people with disabilities and allies to vindicate rights protected under the ADA, and we will ensure our 2 million members know where their representatives stand on the rights of people with disabilities.