Students Are Giving The Liberal Redneck Hope On Guns

Raw Story reports:

Is it national heart-wrenching tragedy day again? That’s the question in a new video from liberal redneck Trae Crowder, the comedian and vlogger, who has again taken on gun control laws. He’s sick of talking about it. “Time really does fly when you’re living in a fucking hellscape,” he says.

“How are we even supposed to have a conversation, man? These dudes will look at kids who lived through something like that and just want them to shut up?” Despite all that, Crowder is hopeful. “This one feels a little bit different, right?” he says. “Keep posting, keep hollering, keep , keep protesting, keep fucking voting and we can win this thing.”

Make sure you still around for Trae’s take on the battle between Delta and Georgia Republicans. Snap!