NRA Opposes Trump On Raising Gun Purchase Age Limit

Politico reports:

A spokeswoman said Friday the National Rifle Association will not support efforts to raise the age limit on who can purchase assault-style guns, casting doubt on President Donald Trump’s forecast that the group “will back” the push. “Raising the age is not going to solve psychosis,” spokeswoman Dana Loesch told CNN on Friday when asked about the NRA’s stance on the measure.

During a White House meeting with state and local officials on school safety Thursday, the president appeared to expressed support for the measure. But Trump also prompted skepticism when he seemingly pledged that the NRA would back the move. “It should all be at 21,” Trump said. “And the NRA will back it.”

The NRA spokeswoman also addressed her incendiary speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference a day prior, where she hammered news organizations for their response to the Florida shooting. “The mainstream media love mass shootings,” Loesch charged during a fiery address. Pressed by CNN on why she made the accusation, Loesch replied: “Because it’s true.”