Hannity Blames Obama For Russian Meddling [VIDEO]

Oh so predictable:

“Where the hell was the Obama administration?” Hannity asked. “What did they do then to stop this?” Hannity pointed to a report from NBC News about how they “didn’t do more” to stop Russia because they thought Hillary Clinton was going to win the 2016 election.

“So in other words, it sounds like the Obama administration––they were complicit in this!” Hannity exclaimed. “They dropped the ball!”

He ripped Obama, saying “maybe he didn’t take the Russian threat seriously,” and called him out for mocking Mitt Romney when he warned that Russia was the biggest geopolitical threat during a debate back in 2012.

“Given what we know now, President Obama and the top members of his administration owe you an explanation. Hillary owes you an explanation,” Hannity continued. “What this did is a dereliction of duty. They fail to stop a major national security threat.”