Gays For Trump Founder Files For North Carolina House

Triad City Beat reports:

Gays for Trump founder Peter Boykin is challenging a Democrat in a bid to represent a Democratic-leaning NC House district in Greensboro. An outspoken, gay Trump supporter and proprietor of, Boykin filed on Monday as a Republican in House District 58.

“I’ve been telling people that in order to make change in the GOP and make sure we are making America great again we have to get involved,” Boykin told Triad City Beat. “It’s important that we get involved in midterms when voting is so low.”

Boykin and his husband David Smith, who is black, became fixtures on the 2016 campaign trail by showing up at Trump rallies wearing red MAGA hats and “Gays for Trump” shirts featuring a rainbow-themed stars and bars motif that flipped the assumption about who Trump supporters were supposed to be.

You may recall that Boykin’s husband violently assaulted a protester at a Trump rally in 2016, something which Boykin says the protester deserved. No charges were ever filed. Videos of the incident are below.

Boykin has appeared with Alex Jones on InfoWars and has participated in an anti-Muslim event organized by an SPLC-certified hate group. Hit the link for much more on his history of far-right extremism.

(Tipped by JMG reader Jordan)