FLORIDA: Student Suspect In Custody In Mass High School Shooting, Multiple Fatalities Reported [VIDEO]

The Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel reports:

Multiple deaths were reported Wednesday at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, and authorities reported a suspect in custody. Coral Springs Mayor Skip Campbell, whose city contracts fire service in Parkland, confirms there were “multiple fatalities.”

A television news helicopter report showed several people on gurneys being placed into into fire rescue ambulances and groups of children walking across Northwest Pine Island Road. Television news cameras showed a young man with reddish hair wearing a red shirt who was surrounded by SWAT officers and put in handcuffs and being taken into custody.

Students were streaming down Pine Island Road at 3:30. Some of them crying, some were talking on cell phones. Meghan Walton’s mascara was running as she walked down Pine Island Road with her mother.Derval Walton. She was waiting in the car line to pick her 15 year old freshman daughter up when she got the ominous text from her: “Code Red”

“Kids were running out full of blood,” Derval Walton said. “Kids were falling in the grass.” Hannah Siren, 14, was in math class on the third floor. “The people next door to us must have not locked their door,” she said, breaking into tears. “They all got shot.”