FLORIDA: State House Approves Dem’s Bill Requiring All Public Schools To Display “In God We Trust” Motto

The Tampa Bay Times reports:

With the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High shooting still looming large, its students in the Capitol to lobby for gun controls, the Florida House overwhelmingly passed a measure its sponsor said aimed at bringing “light” to the schools. The bill (HB 839) would require all public schools to post the state motto, “In God We Trust,” in a “conspicuous place.”

Sponsor Rep. Kim Daniels, a Jacksonville Democrat who runs her own ministry, said Florida needed the legislation, given the goings on in the state. “He is not a Republican or a Democrat. He is not black or white,” Daniels said. “He is the light, and our schools need light in them like never before.”

The Friendly Atheist reported on Daniels last year:

When witches say they’re going to cast a spell on Donald Trump in order to prevent him from harming anybody, it’s one thing for a Christian zealot like Joshua Feuerstein to complain about what really amounts to nothing, even going so far as to tell people to pray to counter the hexes.

It’s truly disturbing, though, when an elected official is doing the same thing. This morning, newly elected Florida State Rep. Kimberly Daniels went on Facebook Live to lament the witches and call for prayers on behalf of Donald Trump. (Worst. Democrat. Ever.)

“God, I thank you, that a fool says there’s no God. Hallelujah, God, I bless you and glorify you, that you are Lord, Daddy God, you are Lord, and God, I thank you that we pray, God, over that Presidential seat. Don’t matter who’s in it.”