Dan Savage Battles Instagram Over Anti-Trump Sign

Dan Savage writes on Instagram:

“My husband posted this pic and @instagram appears to have taken it down after “Gays For Trump” complained. For info about the sign & the queer artists who created it and how to get one of your own, head over to @terrysphots! And happy Presidents’ Day!”

Dan’s husband Terry Miller writes:

“So @instagram in its wisdom (sarcasm) decided my picture where I am holding Paul Chan’s artwork “New Proverbs” distributed by @badlandsunlmtd, is somehow against its community standards. Unlike a president that grabs women by the #PUSSY and kicks the parents of small children out of the country in front of them. No. This sign is what pushed @Instagram over the edge. Signs available at the link in my bio. Please purchase and let’s all torture @instagram.”