CPAC Condemns D’Souza After Attack On Parkland Survivors, Claims He Wasn’t Scheduled This Year

Mediaite reports:

After Dinesh D’Souza’s disgusting tweets going after teenage survivors of a school shooting, people genuinely wondered if D’Souza was lined up to speak at CPAC this week. The organization says he is and was not. The Speakers page has D’Souza’s photo on it, but CPAC’s Twitter account says that’s from the archives, they’re taking it down, and his comments are abhorrent.

Heavy reports:

D’Souza is accused of taunting survivors of the Stoneman Douglas massacre after he posted multiple tweets responding to Florida lawmakers voting down a ban on assault rifles. His tweet read “Worst news since their parents told them to get summer jobs,” accompanied by a picture of students reacting to the news of the ban.” An hour earlier, he tweeted “Adults 1, kids 0” as the news was breaking of the ban being denied. D’Souza was met with immediate disapproval from those objecting to the mockery of survivors of a mass shooting.