Coke’s Super Bowl Ad Triggers Todd Starnes [VIDEO]

Todd Starnes is ever so pissed about last night’s Coke ad:

Coca-Cola’s new Super Bowl commercial celebrates the diversity of the LGBTQIA community — along with a special wink-wink, nod-nod to the non-binary/transgender crowd. The commercial, which aired during the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game, includes a same-sex couple and a person who identifies with the pronoun “them.”

There’s a high probability that parents might be faced with the awkward possibility of having to explain to their youngsters why the person in the Coca-Cola is neither a he nor a she but is in fact a “them.” I recommend that moms and dads simply explain that these days political correctness trumps grammatical correctness.

Perhaps next year Coca-Cola will pay homage to all 72 genders – as identified by the scientists at Facebook. Nothing celebrates diversity quite like a two-spirit, pansexual, gender-fluid “they” slurping an icy cold Coke during the big game.