CHAIN MIGRATION: White House Refuses To Clarify Immigration Status Of Melania Trump’s Parents

The Hill reports:

The White House is refusing to say the immigration status of first lady Melania Trump’s parents. “I don’t comment on her parents, as they live private lives and are not part of the administration,” said Stephanie Grisham, spokeswoman for the first lady.

The Post listed a number of options, including that the first lady’s parents are in the U.S. on IR-5 visas which means they are legal permanent residents — or they could be here on tourism visas and asked for extensions. According to the Post, when it showed its list of possible options to Melania Trump’s spokeswoman, she said: “None of those options apply.”

“As we noted, we gave Grisham, the first lady’s spokeswoman, ample opportunity to explain the immigration status of the Knavses,” the Post wrote in its fact checker piece. “It’s a mystery why the White House refuses to answer such a simple question, given the president’s high-profile demand to limit immigration.”

From the Washington Post:

As for her parents, Viktor Knavs is a former member of the Yugoslav Communist Party who worked as the chauffeur for the mayor of his home town, Sevnica, and eventually became a successful car salesman. He was born in 1944, making him two years older than the president. Amilija Knavs was a pattern maker at a textile factory. They are now said to be retired.

According to various news reports, the Knavses have been living in the United States at least a year. Since Melania Trump moved into the White House, some reports have suggested they live there. Other reports have said they split their time between the White House, Mar-a-Lago, Trump Tower and Bedminster, N.J. They apparently help take care of Barron Trump, the president’s 11-year-old child.

After the below tweet went wildly viral earlier this month, Snopes rated it as “unproven.”