C-SPAN Caller Tears Into Sebastian Gorka [VIDEO]

“First, I would like to say that the elections in 2018 is perhaps the most consequential in our history because we have to stop and impending dictatorship by this white supremacist, right-wing traitor. And Donald Trump, make no mistake, is a traitor, along with everyone in his orbit. We have to look at this relationship with the Russians. Donald trump is owned by the Russian oligarchs because they funded him when U.S. banks wouldn’t. They have compromising information on him. So 2018 will be a very consequential election.” – An unnamed C-SPAN caller during this morning’s appearance by Sebastian Gorka.

As you’ll see below, Gorka chose not to respond to the caller’s claims about Trump and Russia but instead denounced the caller’s “dangerous language” for using words like “white supremacist” and “traitor.”

Gorka, as you surely know, has been accused of belonging to a Nazi-affiliated group in Hungary.