Adam Schiff: Nunes “Secretly Changed” Anti-FBI Memo

Newsweek reports:

The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee made “material changes” to a controversial memo before providing it to the White House to be considered for public release, according to the top Democrat on the committee.

In a letter Wednesday night, Representative Adam Schiff, the Democratic ranking member of the committee, accused Representative Devin Nunes, its Republican chairman, of “secretly” altering a memo that alleges misconduct by the FBI and the Department of Justice in their surveillance of a former campaign adviser to President Donald Trump.

The changes, Schiff charged, came after the intelligence panel voted on Monday to release the memo and before the document was sent to the White House for review. Nunes did not tell Democrats about the changes, Schiff wrote, and said that after the Democrats learned of the alterations, Republicans allowed them to compare the new memo to the original.