World Net Daily: Help! We’re Nearly Broke!

Founder Joseph Farah writes for World Net Daily:

For more than 20 years, WND, or WorldNetDaily, has championed the cause of “a free press for a free people,” performing the vital job of fearlessly reporting the truth – something the “mainstream media” pretend to do, but, as is now painfully obvious to almost everyone, does not. It’s always been a challenge. Despite what many think, this is a very, very tough business.

There are no millionaires or billionaires supporting WND, as is the case with other top-tier alternative media organizations. We at WND have always earned our own way. The good side of that arrangement is, we’ve never been beholden to anyone other than the Good Lord.

However, these are exceedingly rough times in the news business. And right now, it pains me to tell you that many loyal WND staffers are working without salary to pull us through a crisis, an existential threat that could bring to an end the nation’s oldest independent online news-gathering company.

I’m asking you to help us in this time of need. It’s not easy to make a plea like this to you, our faithful readers, and I do so in all humility. I’ll lay it out for you straight. We need to raise a minimum of $100,000 before Jan. 30.

Farah goes on to blame their drop in ad revenue on Facebook and Google, who are “shamelessly writing algorithms with the intent of minimizing access to WND.”

World Net Daily, as most of you surely know, was the primary driver behind the racist birther movement and has relentlessly given voice to uncountable other bullshit claims.