Violence Outside NYC Far-Right Trump Celebration, Chelsea Manning Crashes “Fascist Hate Brigade”

The New York Post reports:

A supporter of President Trump who had attended an alt-right Manhattan celebration of the anniversary of the inauguration was attacked by a protester Saturday night, police said.

Several hundred people had bought tickets for the gathering at a nightclub at West 50th Street and 12th Avenue — which featured right-winger Mike Cernovich and which was, oddly, crashed by transgender Wiki-leaker Chelsea Manning.

About 80 anti-Trump protesters marched outside. A contingent of some 60 cops set up barriers between the two groups. When the event broke up, a protester followed a Trump supporter, punching and choking him a block away, police said.

The New York Daily News reports:

Far-right provocateur Mike Cernovich was inside the event at the FREQNYC nightclub on W. 50th St. when the fisticuffs broke out about 10:30 p.m. “I saw him hit the old man,” said witness Ali Thomas, 24. “One hit. He swung hard. He hit him hard. The old man’s head hit the curb.”

Cops arrested the alleged assailant, David Campbell of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, authorities said. Campbell, 30, was charged with assault for strangulation, possession of a weapon, assault of a police officer, resisting arrest and loitering, police said Sunday morning.

Cernovich later emerged from the event and confronted a group of demonstrators. “These guys are f—–g terrorists,” Cernovich said. The Night for Freedom event — billed as a “gathering of patriots and political dissidents who are bored with mainstream political events” — featured a comedy routine, speeches and a deejay set.