Trump To Attend “Globalist” Davos Forum

The New York Times reports:

President Trump is expected to attend the World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland, in the coming weeks, an administration official said Tuesday. In a statement, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary, said the president was looking forward to attending the gathering of world leaders and business executives.

Mr. Trump’s planned appearance at an event that is synonymous with wealth and elite prestige comes as he enters the second year of a term he won on a message of economic populism. Presidents have rarely attended the forum in Davos, in part out of a concern that it would send the wrong message to be rubbing shoulders with some of the world’s richest individuals.

CNBC reports:

Trump, who employed anti-globalization rhetoric on the campaign, did not attend the event last year. Instead, Davos regular Anthony Scaramucci represented the incoming administration at the annual gathering of elites in the Swiss mountains. Despite his absence, the then-president-elect’s shadow loomed large over Davos in 2017.

Without mentioning Trump by name, China President Xi Jinping made a widely attended speech arguing that globalization has fueled global growth, and should not be blamed for the world’s problems. Xi also asserted that a global trade war would have no winners.