Townhall Columnist Liz Crokin: The California Mudslides Were God’s Punishment On Oprah For Attacking Trump

“The stunt that she pulled at the Golden Globes was against what we stand for and it was against Trump. Well, what happened within 48 hours of her dog and pony show at the Golden Globes? Her frickin’ house is in the middle of a mud slide and Oprah is stuck in this mudslide. I mean, God is unleashing his wrath on anyone that goes against God’s anointed, and that is Trump and his army. I believe that we are protected because God is fed up. He has had enough. It’s time for the rats to be exposed and these people that sit on their high horse and they trash God’s anointed will meet immediate karma.” – Conspiracy nutjob and Townhall columnist Liz Crokin, speaking on right wing radio.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Crokin has claimed that all of Trump’s “loudest critics” are involved in pedophilia and that one-third of all elected officials are “Satanic cannibals” who “drink the blood of children.” Also according to a current far-right conspiracy theory promoted by Crokin, Trump is regularly posting secret messages on 4chan giving hints about the imminent arrests of thousands of Hollywood and deep state pedophiles. Crokin made national headlines early this month was she accused model Chrissy Teigen and her husband John Legend of being involved in pedophilia. Last week Crokin declared that she knows Jesus Christ is real because demons gave her dog bloody diarrhea.