SRSLY: Breitbart Sells “Shithole” Valentine Candy

On sale today over at Breitbart:

Looking for that special gift to give that special someone? Few things say “love” and “romance” like Breithearts: the only deplorably colorful candy hearts adorned with just the right words when you can’t find them….words like “Shithole” “Stable Genius” and “SAD!” not to mention 7 other phrases that are as spot on as cupid’s aim.

Give Breithearts to your lover, your would-be lover, or one who will never be your lover. Made in the USA. Each box contains 50 + candy hearts. Phrases on the hearts include: BUILD THE WALL, MAGA, SAD!, SNOWFLAKE, SHITHOLE, BIGGER BUTTON, WINNING, TRIGGERED, DEPLORABLE, STABLE GENIUS.

$9.95 a box. Somehow they left off “PUSSY GRABBER.”