Sarah Palin Posts Happy Family Photo Showing Her Husband’s Bruised Face From The Assault By Their Son

The New York Daily News reports:

Sarah Palin rang in the New Year by sharing an image of her bruised beau. The one-term Alaska governor stated on Instagram she and her family were heading out to their cabin for New Year’s Eve, her photo also featuring her daughter Piper and son Trig along with her still-injured husband, Todd.

After Todd Palin refused to let his eldest son borrow the family truck, citing that he had been drinking and taking pain medication, Track reportedly broke a window, entered the home and began repeatedly striking his father on the head.

Despite the brutal incident taking place over two weeks ago, the Palin patriarch still appears to have a cut across his nose and a bruise underneath his right eye.

Last week Track Palin was released to house arrest while he awaits trial for first-degree felony burglary and the assault on his father.