Right Wing Activist Liz Crokin: I Know Jesus Christ Is Real Because Demons Gave My Dog Bloody Diarrhea

“These people I’m exposing believe in Satan and they’ve garnered power from that and they’ve used that to hurt me. They’ve cast spells on me. Both of our dogs got sick and had diarrhea with blood in it within 24 hours of each other. Our dogs didn’t even hang out together! This was right after we were together and did something powerful together.

“These things make me realize that not only is the devil real, but God is real and Jesus Christ is real. These people that are worshiping the devil, that I’m exposing, are just confirming for me that Jesus Christ is my savior.” – Pizzagate loony tune Liz Crokin, shortly after declaring that a power outage at the beginning of her clip was caused by demons.

RELATED: Crokin has previously claimed that all of Trump’s “loudest critics” are involved in pedophilia and that one-third of all elected officials are “Satanic cannibals” who “drink the blood of children.” Also according to a current far-right conspiracy theory promoted by Crokin, Trump is regularly posting secret messages on 4chan giving hints about the imminent arrests of thousands of Hollywood and deep state pedophiles. Crokin made national headlines early this month was she accused model Chrissy Teigen and her husband John Legend of being involved in pedophilia.