REPORT: Stormy Daniels Once Claimed She Spanked Trump With A Copy Of Forbes (With Him On The Cover)

Mother Jones reports that in 2009 when porn star Stormy Daniels was considering a challenge to then-Sen. David Vitter, consultants were provided a list of prospective donors to her campaign.

Let’s pick up the story near the end:

This email was sent to Andrea Dubé, a Democratic political consultant based in New Orleans. In response, Dubé expressed surprise that Daniels was friendly with Trump. “Donald Trump?” she wrote. “In her cell phone?”

“Yep,” the other consultant replied. “She says one time he made her sit with him for three hours watching ‘shark week.’ Another time he had her spank him with a Forbes magazine.” Dubé and the other consultant confirmed to Mother Jones they exchanged these emails.

The campaign consultant who wrote the email to Dubé tells Mother Jones that Daniels said the spanking came during a series of sexual and romantic encounters with Trump and that it involved a copy of Forbes with Trump on the cover. A fall 2006 cover of Forbes does feature Trump and two of his children, Donald Jr. and Ivanka.