Piers Morgan: Ratings For Grammys Awards Prove That Americans Don’t Care What Celebrities Think Of Trump

British television host Piers Morgan has written a lengthy Daily Mail column in which he lists more than a dozen tweets posted last night by anti-Trump celebrities. He then comes to this conclusion:

On and on it went, with these stars and many more assuming America agreed with them. But it turned out the vast majority of Americans DIDN’T agree with them, which suggests they’re no longer listening to what celebrities say about politics or Donald Trump. For more evidence of this, look at Sunday night’s Grammys that turned into a marathon political rally of epically dreary proportions.

Ratings duly plunged 24% to an all-time low. Why? Because Americans are sick and tired of entertainers preaching about politics at awards shows, particularly when they’re all preaching from the same liberal Trump-loathing handbook. It’s hard not to agree with White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders when she said yesterday: “I think if Americans cared what celebrities thought then Hillary would be president but they clearly don’t.”